How long do hands-on labs last?

The length of a hands-on lab depends entirely on your abilities and the course. Some labs may only take a few minutes, while others may take you upwards of an hour. No matter how long you take, we have made sure to build in enough time for you to complete your labs. Here is some general information over our Cloud Server and Hands-on Labs.

Cloud Servers: Accessible at any time by starting them from the Cloud Servers Console. They are persistent for up to 40 days of inactivity. This means you need to start the cloud server at least once every 40 days to make sure it is not automatically cleared and re-purposed.

Otherwise, you can use them so long as you are logged in and active on If you are inactive on the website, the cloud servers will time out after 120 minutes and automatically shut down. To avoid this, make sure you are navigating to different pages or use the 'Refresh Timeout' button from the cloud server console.

Hands-on Labs: Hands-on labs have a built-in timer. You can use the lab for as long as the timer lasts. This can be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the lab. After the timer expires (or if you complete the lab early) the lab will close and the resources will be cleared. You can restart the lab from the beginning at any time by returning to the Hands-on Labs page.

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