Web Console for Cloud Servers - Connect with your Browser!

What is the Web Console

The Web Console is a great tool that lets you connect to the Cloud Servers without having to use any extra programs or open any special firewall ports. This means if you are in a corporate or public location and port 22 (required for SSH) is blocked, then you can simply use your web browser to connect!

What Servers can it be used on?

The Web Console is available for most CentOS and Red Hat based distributions. You can tell which servers support the Web Console by looking for the Login button next to the Server Actions button. If the Web Console is available you will see this option. If it is not available, this link will not show. We are still working on adding additional support for this feature across all labs.

Web Console Available: Screenshot_from_2017-09-22_13-37-18.png

Web Console Not Available: Screenshot_from_2017-09-22_13-38-33.png

How to Connect to the Web Console and Login to a Cloud Server

Connecting to the Web Console is very simple. All you need to do is click the Login link next to the Server Actions button and a new tab will be opened that connects to your server. It can take a few minutes for the Web Console to launch after you start your server. If it is still starting up, you will see this screen:


Simply give it a few minutes and try again by refreshing the page. Once it has loaded, you will be taken to the `login` prompt which looks like this: Screenshot_from_2017-09-22_13-46-36.png

From this point, you can log in just like with a standard ssh connection. Simply enter the default username `cloud_user` and password (the temp password given to you). You will be prompted to set a new password the first time you log in to a new server. Enter the default password `123456` a second time to confirm, then enter a new password twice (once to enter, then a second time to confirm it). Once you complete this the new password will be set and you will be logged into the server!

See below for example with helpful notes in red.edited.png