How do I link my Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments accounts?

Single Sign On

Recently we enabled a single sign on service that links accounts for Cloud Assessments and Linux Academy. All new accounts will be automatically linked and created on both sites. No action needs to be taken to link the accounts and you can log into each site with the same credentials.

Matching Email

If the SAME email address was used with Cloud Assessments and Linux Academy, your accounts have been automatically linked. Your current account history will be reflected in the Cloud Assessments dashboard and will be accessible from the new Navigation Bar.

Non-Matching Email

If you used a DIFFERENT email address to set up your Cloud Assessments and Linux Academy accounts, the accounts would not be auto-linked. Instead, the accounts are separate and any progress made in one will not be reflected in the other. If this is the case, please contact us at or and we will manually link your accounts.

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