What is Cloud Assessments?

What is Cloud Assessments?

The focus of our new Cloud Assessments platform is on helping individuals learn more efficiently through learning activities, hands-on labs in live environments. By helping you test your knowledge and skills, we can identify those areas in which you need to invest more time learning and practicing, and provide them with meaningful lessons and learning activities to help fill those IT knowledge and skill gaps. Our goal is to help you build the cloud computing skills needed to be more effective and valuable in the Cloud Computing Industry!


Cloud Assessments is brought to you by the creators of Linux Academy, a comprehensive training platform for cloud technologies including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack. As Linux Academy has grown, we’ve heard countless success stories from our students about the skills they’ve developed and the certifications they’ve earned using our training. Our goal has always been to help further our users’ careers via high-quality, hands-on training, and Cloud Assessments is the next step in our journey.


With Cloud Assessments, organizations and enterprises will have the ability to train current employees, as well as assess prospective candidates on their knowledge of specific cloud technologies.

One of the greatest challenges hiring managers face today is determining which candidates really have the practical cloud skills required to perform in a role versus which ones simply know what to say in an interview or on a resume. Cloud Assessments helps HR and IT managers cut through the mud and the muck to identify those candidates who can effectively apply what they know in a real cloud environment. The assessment and training platform provides hands-on labs in live environments to test for the cloud computing skills people need to do their jobs effectively. We also offer Quests, so that individuals can learn as efficiently as possible, earning badges along the way to prove their skills.


You start by enrolling in a quest. A quest is a collection of Challenges that test your skills and knowledge as you progress towards the final goal. A quest can be certification preparation or geared towards a specific skill or technology. 


Once you've enrolled in a quest you take a Challenge. Each Challenge is a hands-on scenario that requires you to use your skills and knowledge to complete. For example, you may be given a scenario to set up an environment in AWS based on specified needs. You are then graded by our system which compares your results to the scenario goals.


Based on your results, you are then assigned learning activities (hands-on labs with instructions, videos, or other items to help you learn!) to study and complete before you attempt the challenge again.


As you complete challenges you will receive badges for passing. You can share these badges on LinkedIn to show the skills and tasks you've completed. Completing all the Challenges in a Quest will finish the Quest and show your proficiency in the Quest goal.

More Information

More information about our new Cloud Assessments platform can be found at: and

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