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Add a social sign in option/Link an Authentication Service

Sign in Options

When creating your account, you are presented with multiple authentication options. However, only one of these choices is used and applied to your account initially. If you wish to add or link additional services to your account, you can follow the steps here to connect other services as authentication options. You can then choose from multiple options when signing in and always end up in the same account.

IMPORTANT: For this process to work, the email on each service and account must match exactly. This includes any special characters such as dots, plus signs, and extra content that some email providers ignore. Our system considers each of these to be unique addresses and these steps will NOT work if the email is not an exact match.


This section will be a simple list of steps to take for this process. These will be brief but cover the essential information needed to link authentication methods. Go to the Linux Academy home page and click Log In.

  1. Click the Sign Up tab instead of the Log in Tab
  2. Select the new sign on method:
    1. Click the appropriate button if using one of the linked services.
    2. If adding a username/password to a linked account, fill out the fields using the same email as your linked account, a username, a secure password, and then click Sign Up.
  3. The matching email will be detected and you will be prompted to link your account. Click Continue on this page.
  4. You will then be prompted to authenticate with your primary authentication method (the one used to create your account).
  5. Once you authenticate, the new authentication method links to your account.

Coming Soon: Detailed Tutorials

We will be adding additional information here in the future with screenshots and examples to help clarify this process. Look for more to be added to this and other articles in our FAQ soon!

Contact us or submit a ticket if you have any questions or need any assistance with this process! We are happy to help and will get back to you as soon as possible.