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Can I cancel at any time?


You may cancel your Linux Academy account whenever you wish. You are in full control of your learning experience and the time you spend doing so.

Please note however, that you must cancel before the end of the current pay period to avoid being automatically billed for the next term. Once you are billed, your cancellation is effective at the end of that new term and is not retroactive. We do not provide prorated refunds for unused time (see Terms of Service and Refund Policy). 

You will still have access until the end of your paid billing period (Trial accounts will have their subscription end immediately). This ensures your paid subscription is not renewed at the end of your current period.

When you cancel your account, you also lose your current subscription rate. This means that if you have any specials or discounts, they will no longer be active if you resubscribe. If you resubscribe after canceling, you will be charged the regular subscription price. 

Also, when your subscription expires, you are automatically moved onto the Community Edition Plan.

You can find instructions on canceling your account here.