Reset Cloud Server User Password

If you’re using the CentOS 7 (NOT Linux Essentials), Ubuntu, or Red Hat distributions, you can do this using the Cloud Server menu. Once the server is started, follow these steps to reset a user password. If you're using one of the other available distributions. Unfortunately, we do not have the feature available at this time. This means you will need to delete and create new servers if you forget the user password on those distributions.

1. Click the Cloud Servers menu button.
3. Click the Server Actions button for the server.
3. Click Reset Password.

4. Click Yes.

5. Enter the (exact) username of the user password to reset. If it's the default user account, just enter 'user' with no quotes.

6. The password for that user will be reset to 123456.

If you forget the `root` user password, you can log into the default user account and issue the command `sudo passwd root'` and then enter the `user` password for confirmation, followed by the new root password.