Can't connect to cloud server

If you've just started a new cloud server or are starting one up after a shutdown/reboot, it will need a few minutes to start up. Even if it displays the IP address on the website, the cloud server itself may still be starting up.

This means connections and pings may time out or be refused even though you can see the IP address. Give the cloud server 5 minutes or so to start up and then try again.

If you are getting a "Connection Timeout", keep in mind that your connectivity is dependent on SSH. That means that your router or firewall/network security policy has to allow SSH, port 22/TCP, outgoing connections. Please check to be sure port 22 is allowed. Sometimes corporate, school, or public networks have this blocked by default. We can provide an IP White-list by request.

Make sure you are using the PUBLIC IP of the server and not the PRIVATE IP.

If you have verified all of the above and are still having issues, please let us know by submitting a ticket and we will work to help you resolve your connectivity issues.

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