Can I download or share my Certificate of Completion and/or Professional Development Certification?

Yes! We provide both downloadable PDF Certifications and you can post directly to LinkedIn! 

To do this, go to your Community Profile and select the 'Cloud Credentials' tab.

Then just click on the certificate 'View' link if you'd like to download or 'Post to LinkedIn' if you'd like to share it there!

 Congratulations on your achievement!

When entering the information for your certification in LinkedIn, follow these guidelines:

Certification Name - Linux Academy [Course Name] Certificate of Completion
Certification Authority -  Linux Academy (Be sure to choose the E-Learning option with  our logo, there's a different Linux Academy that is not correct)
License Number - Skip. This is optional and we don't provide license numbers. 
Dates - Enter the completed on date from the certification and check 'This certification does not expire'.
Certification URL - right next to the 'Post to LinkedIn' link is a 'View' link. Use that link for this.


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