How do I start and connect to a cloud server for the first time?

Our How to Use Linux Academy course provides a detailed explanation over how to start and connect to the cloud servers from a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Please review this course for a possible answer to your current question or issue before submitting a ticket.

If, after reviewing the How to Use Linux Academy course, you continue having problems connecting to a cloud server, please review the Connection Guides which are attached to this article for your convenience. 

If you successfully start the cloud server, but still can't connect even after reviewing both the course and the guides provided, try the steps listed here.

Other Possible Quick Fixes

If a cloud server does not start, try the following:

  • Clearing your browser cache
  • Restarting your browser
  • Signing out of Linux Academy and then back in

If, after all of the steps above, the problem persists, feel free to submit a ticket, or email our Support team at