How do I connect with VNC?

We have a detailed video on VNC included in the introductory course! 

After connecting and logging into the server, issue the command vncserver while logged in as the default user account.

After this you should be able to connect with the VNC viewer of your choice by putting in the ip address and port 5901. For RealVNC Viewer this is done by putting in :5901 after the IP address of the lab server. Example:


Web-Based VNC/RDP Connection (Beta)

Additionally, we have introduced a web-based VNC session (currently in beta) for our CentOS 7/RHEL cloud servers. To launch your web-based VNC session, open up the cloud server control center, then click on the gear wheel for your cloud server to reveal the cloud server's menu:




This will launch another browser window/tab with your VNC connection and you'll be able to interact with the cloud server in a GUI-based manner.


If you have followed the above steps and continue to run into an issue connecting, please submit a ticket or email for assistance! 


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