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How do I mention/notify a user in a Community post?

When creating a post, the '@' symbol will allow you to search for a user. The '@' character directs the message to the specified user and lets them know you mentioned them in a post.

How to mention/notify a user:

  1. Type in '@'.
  2. A search opens, showing both usernames or users, both first name and last name, using up to three words in the search.
  3. When you select from the list, it subs in the username, which is the unique identifier that the notification system needs.

For example, you need to notify Steven Gutierrez (Sr. Support Specialist for Linux Academy) about your post, but do not know his username. To tag him, you need to a username in your post. If you do not know the username, typing in '@Steven Gutierrez' will pull up his name. Select it from the search, and it will automatically change to the correct username.