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How do I add/invite people to my team?

When you are in the Team Manager Control Panel, you have a couple of different options to invite users to your team.

Option 1 – Send Email Invites

You can click the link in the middle of the page for “Invites”, which will take you to the below screen.

On the top right, you will notice it shows you how many licenses are available versus how many are being used. Please note that the Available License count will not change until the invite has been accepted, but it will display how many pending invites are waiting to be approved. 

By clicking Invite Team Members, you will pull up the invite screen.

From here, you can designate which team or sub-team the users will be added too once registered. You can enter as many email address as you would like by separating them with a new line.

Once an invitation is sent, it will remain valid for 5 days. If it expires, you can click the envelope to resend the invitation. If they try to register through the invitation, but there are no available licenses left, they will receive an error and will be unable to sign-up until there is a license available.


Option 2 – Sending a custom URL

Under the Teams tab, there is a custom URL generated for each team/sub-team that you can email directly to your users. Each sub-team will have a unique URL, so when the users register, they are automatically enrolled in the correct sub-team.

To help ensure a single sub-team does not accidentally utilize all of your licenses, you can set a Max Team Size under settings. Be sure to hit Save to save this setting!

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