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How can I add additional Team Leads or Organizational Admins?

At this time, someone can be either a Team Lead or an Organizational Admin, but not both.

Organization Admins have full access to ALL teams, the ability to create custom learning paths, create additional sub-teams, and run reports across your entire organization. A Team Lead will have access to the Learning Path that is assigned to their team and can also run reports for their team only.

To add an Organization Admin, they first need to be listed as a user on your account. After that, you can give them admin permissions from your Team Manager Control Panel under Settings. You can add as many admins as you need.


To add someone as a Team Lead, they must first be listed on the team. Under the Teams section, just click on the sub-team, then on Settings. You can add multiple Team Leads to a single team, but a user can not be a Team Lead on multiple teams.