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How to Create Learning Paths and Custom Curriculum

Video Walkthrough

Learning Paths are a great way to design custom curriculum centered on what your team needs to learn. You can create as many of these Learning Paths as you want and can assign them to users with specific due dates for them to complete their training. 

Creating a Learning Path

  1. From the main Dashboard, select the Learning Paths tab
  2. Choose + New Learning Path in the top right hand corner.  You have the option of building your own Learning Path or creating one from an existing Learning Path.
    • Choosing from an Existing Learning Path will allow you to select a Learning Path you have previously created and edit it so that you have a brand new Learning Path based on a previously created one. 


Building Your Own Learning Path:

  1. To begin creating your learning path, add some basic information by including the name, description, and categories of content.  Then choose a category of courses to drill down into a specific course.  You can choose multiple categories. Click Next.
    • By selecting the Make Available to Everyone button at the bottom of the page, this Learning Path will become open for everyone on your organization to enroll in. However, it will not automatically assign it to everyone on your organization.
  2. On the next page, you will select the content you want to add to the Learning Path. You can add a whole course by clicking the box to the right of the course.  You can also choose different lessons, Challenges, or Learning Activities by clicking the down arrow next to the course name. When you have chosen all of your assets, click Next.
  3. This page will be where you sort the content for the Learning Path. The page will contain all of the content you added in the last step in the order that you added it. Here you can sort the content and remove any content if necessary. Once you have sorted the content, click Next.
  4. To assign the Learning Path, begin typing in the Group name or the name of a user and the system will present you with your options. You can assign to multiple groups and individuals at the same time. Once you have selected all of the assignments, click Assign.
  5. Next you can make Due Date Assignments by selecting the date you want to have your users complete this Learning Path. 

Update / Modify a Custom Learning Path:

  1. From the main Dashboard, select the Learning Paths tab.
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the Learning Path you want to edit. The first screen is the Learning Path Overview.  You can make changes to this page and continue through the process of updating the content.
  3. You can then work your way through editing the Learning Path by following the steps above.