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How do I delete a Learning Path?

There are two things you can do with Learning Paths that you no longer need:

  • Archive a Learning Path:
    • Useful if a path is not currently required, but you're unsure if you may need it in the future.
    • Allows your organization to keep the Learning Path while making it inactive. 
    • Can be reactivated at any time.
    • Students can still review and continue the path if they want to. 
    • Students who were using the path will not lose their progress.
  • Delete a Learning Path:
    • Removes the Learning Path. 
    • Cannot be recovered.
    • Students who were using the path will not lose their progress but will no longer be able to continue the path.
    • Must archive a path before deletion.

Archive vs. Delete

Say you are a Group Administrator that has several groups under you. One of those groups is called  'Faculty' and is using the 'Herrington' Learning Path. Currently, there is no plan to hire more people that would be added to the 'Faculty' group, though it is a possibility. Using Analytics, you have also noticed that some of the 'Faculty' members like to review the 'Herrington' Learning Path from time to time.

Instead of deleting the 'Herrington' path, you decide to archive it, setting it aside for later in case a new person is hired and added to the 'Faculty' group. This also allows the members of the 'Faculty' group to continue to use 'Herrington', though it can no longer be searched for by those who haven't been assigned to it. You also have the option to repurpose the path at a later date for another group, saving you time. 

Archive a Learning Path

  1. From the main Dashboard, select the Learning Paths tab
  2. Click on the red button to the right hand side. 
  3. On the pop up window, select Yes.

The Learning Path is now archived, though it is still accessible. 

Delete a Learning Path

  1. From the Show All dropdown, select Show Archived.
  2. Find the Learning Path you want to delete.
  3. Select the Delete button to the right hand side of the Learning Path
  4. On the pop up window, select Yes

The Learning path is deleted. This cannot be reversed.  

For more information over Learning Paths, review the following FAQs: