What is included in the Free Community Plan?

The Free Community Edition Membership includes flash cards, community access, and these courses (videos only unless otherwise noted):

Introduction to the Linux Academy
Azure IoT Essentials
AWS Backup Strategies (includes 2 free Hands-on Labs!)
DevOps Essentials
Vim - The Improved Editor
Docker Quick Start
Puppet Quick Start
Serverless Concepts
Git Quick Start
Openstack Essentials

We've also started a rotation of additional content that changes periodically.

This Month Only:

Ansible Quick Start

Ansible and Amazon Web Services

Using Ansible for Configuration Management and Deployments 

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation (EX407) Preparation Course

Deploying to AWS with Ansible and Terraform

July 1 - October 1, 2018:

AWS Concepts

The DevOps Pipeline Learning Activity (In the DevOps Essentials course)

Elastic Stack Essentials

Mastering Systemd

Build Your Own Linux from Scratch

SQL Primer

LPI Linux Essentials

Quizzes, Labs, and other features are not included in the free tier membership.

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