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What is included in the Free Community Plan?

To continually support your mission to learn and grow, we encourage you to try these free courses and resources for developing and advancing your Cloud skills.

With multiple cloud providers now offering online certification exams, there’s never been a better time to try something new. These FREE certification-focused courses will help you reach your goals, faster.

We provide our Free Community users with access to a limited number of courses that are updated on the first of every month. For more information as to what is currently available to our free Community users please check our "What's free at A Cloud Guru" posts via the ACG blog here


Courses always available with your Free Community Plan



Big Data Fundamentals

  • What’s the big deal with big data? Learn about architectural problems and how to solve them with cluster computing, distributed storage, and cluster management.


Amazon Lightsail Deep Dive

  • AWS offers a wealth of features allowing an experienced architect, engineer or developer to implement systems to meet any need. Amazon Lightsail compliments this flexibility by providing a simple, cheap and powerful way to utilize AWS services.


Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What’s this cloud thing everyone is talking about? Our non-technical intro to the cloud will teach you the terms needed to get started in the cloud.

AWS Essentials

  • Ready to get started with AWS? This 17-hour beginner’s course will intro you to AWS, core services, and the process of setting up your own account.

Google Cloud Concepts

  • What is Google Cloud? Why do we use GCP? This course for Google Cloud Platform beginners covers GCP concepts in simple terms.

Serverless Concepts

  • Get a high-level overview of what Serverless computing is without getting too in the weeds. This course will school you on Serverless jargon and concepts.

DevOps Concepts

  • What’s DevOps and how it can it transform your software development practices? This intro course teaches the concepts needed.

Azure Concepts

  • See the core components of Azure and how companies are using Azure today. With this course, you’ll learn how and why companies pick cloud providers.


EKS Basics

  • Ready to get started with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Learn the basics of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and get up and running.

GKE Basics

    • Learn the concepts of Kubernetes and the basic building blocks of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). You’ll be deploying containers to production in no time.


Choosing the right database service on AWS

  • This course provides an intro to database options on AWS, including the benefits of each and the types of problems they’re best at solving.

Amazon Dynamo DB Deep Dive

  • Learn to build scalable, high-performance applications using AWS DynamoDB. This course is intended for all skill levels, even newcomers to database development.


Linux Operating System Fundamentals

  • Know nothing about Linux and looking to get started? This all-levels-welcome intro covers the history of Linux and how Linux is used today.

How to Get a Linux Job

  • This course helps prepare you for applying for and successfully obtaining a Linux Job.


How to Properly Secure an S3 Bucket

  • Learn how to lock down your data in this course that covers methods for securing S3 buckets and remediating security issues.


The Free Community Edition Membership has many helpful resources: flashcards, community access, the courses we talked about today(videos only unless otherwise noted), and access to our mobile application. Quizzes, Labs, and other features are only available in the full membership