UI Issues - Courses & Cloud Server buttons do not work

Problem: UI Issues with buttons not working or other elements not functioning

This article will go over a possible error that prevents the menu bar at the top from working properly and the dropdown overview to select the course category (while highlighting over the 'Courses' button) not to be shown. For Example, on the Dashboard page, click on 'Courses' or 'Cloud Servers' and the url changes to but otherwise nothing happens.

Cause: Jquery is blocked

This can be caused by a browser setting or extension blocking jquery. Jquery is a javascript library that is used on our site to perform various functions, such as to display overlays and modals like the Cloud Server Console and the Courses overview. You can check if this is blocked or not loading for you by opening the Developer Console to the Network tab (press F12) and refreshing the page. If you search for jquery and see an item in red, that indicates jquery did not load properly. 

Solution: Unblock Jquery

To fix the issues, check your browser settings to ensure Jquery is not being blocked. Also try disabling any extensions that could be blocking it, such as ad or script blockers. Once Jquery is unblocked, all UI elements should begin working as expected.


Contact us or submit a ticket if this solution does not work, if you have any questions, or if you need any assistance! We are happy to help and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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