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Can I download the interactive diagram?

Interactive diagrams, like the Orion Papers and Project Omega, are built using the Lucid Chart online platform and cannot be printed or downloaded for offline viewing, or accessed through a mobile web browser. They are an interactive, online flowchart system which currently requires you to go to Lucid Chart to utilize them. 

You can access the interactive diagram for a course at anytime from the course syllabus page. 



While the documents cannot be downloaded, you are free to screenshot the pages that you'd like to study offline using the appropriate keyboard command for your operating system (cmd+shift+4 for mac, Alt+PrtSc for Linux, Ctrl+PrtSc for Windows), but there are some visual changes to the document that occur. 


If you encounter any issues accessing the interactive diagram through the course syllabus, you can contact our Support team at anytime at