I can't access the Challenges, Hands-on Labs, Quizzes/Exams, or See Answers

Often this can be caused by a cookie being blocked from one or more of the required domains. Ensure you are not blocking the required domains from setting cookies in your browser to ensure access works as expected. See below for what to check in your browser or Extensions.

Browser Settings


In Chrome, if you have third-party cookies set to 'blocked' it can cause problems with signing in and certain site features. Either toggle this to allow third-party cookies or add the below sites to the whitelist. You can adjust these settings here: chrome://settings/content/cookies

Set Block third-party cookies to off:

List of sites to Allow:

  • [*.]auth0.com
  • [*.]bootcss.com
  • [*.]linuxacademy.com
  • [*.]cloudflare.com
  • [*.]cloudassessments.com
  • [*.]zendesk.com
  • [*.]zdusercontent.com
  • [*.]zdassets.com


In Firefox, browse to your settings and on the Privacy & Security tab set, Accept third-party cookies and site data to From Visited instead of Never.


Some browser extensions may block parts of the authorization process. Please disable any ad-blocker, cookie, or script blockers (such as Privacy Badger) if you have reset your password and are still not able to log in. If you don't want to disable them entirely, please allow all cookies from auth0 as that is required for authorization and logging in.

For Privacy Badger you can do this by clicking on the extension and choosing Options. Then navigate to the Tracking Domains tab and search for auth0. Move the sliders to the Middle or Green (blocking cookies only will generally work, but if you still have problems logging in, try moving the slider to fully allowed). Navigate back to https://linuxacademy.com and click Login and try again.