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Server Details

By clicking on a server in the Server List, you can view more details about that server. This includes the Credentials, IP Address, Public Hostnames, Auto Shutdown time, Logs, and buttons to perform server actions or open the web terminal.

Information Listed

  • Credentials 
    • The default username (cloud_user) and temporary, automatically generated password will be displayed here. You can click the clipboard icons to automatically copy it.
  • IP Address
    • Lists the Public IPv4 address, Private IPv4 address, and IPv6 address assigned to the server. The Public IPv4 will change every time the server is started. The Private IPv4 address and the IPv6 address will remain associated with the server until it is deleted.
  • Public Hostnames
    • The DNS hostnames that are available for the servers. These will be automatically generated as "[username][server #]" and "[username][server #]". See Other Changes for more information.
  • Auto Shutdown
    • The servers have a two-hour timeout. The time listed is based on your computer settings and will display the time the server will be automatically shut down. Interacting with the site will reset this timer. 
    • Note: Activity on the server itself does not reset this timer. You must be interacting with the site to avoid the automatic shutdown.
  • Logs
    • The Logs section will list the servers status actions as it changes from stopped to ready (or initial creation to ready). This will let you know what step the server is on and see the progress as it is starting up or stopping.

Actions available

  • Launch Web Terminal
    • If the server supports the Web Terminal, you can click the 'Terminal' button at the bottom to open a new tab to the Web Terminal for that server. 
  • Actions
    • Clicking the 'Actions' button will open the available actions for that server distribution. Some distributions may have more or fewer options than others. These are the current standard options for most distributions:
      • Reset Password - Reset the password for the cloud_user to the randomly generated one that is displayed on the server details
      • Add /dev/xvdb - Add a 1GB secondary drive that will be listed as /dev/xvdb on your server.
      • Graphical Shell - This will open a new browser window for you to connect to your server with a graphical interface. See the Improved Features article for more details