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Playground vs Cloud Servers - What's the difference?

What is the Playground?

The new Playground is a free upgrade to Cloud Servers. It is available to all paid subscribers. This new system adds some additional features and includes improvements for existing features. Here is a list of the changes between the two. You can open the page for each section to read more details!

New Features

These are the features that have been added to the Playground and did not exist with the Cloud Servers.

  • Units
  • Status Log
  • Notifications
  • IPv6
  • Instant Terminal 
  • Cloud Sandboxes

Improved Features

These features have changed and been improved in the Playground compared to the Cloud Servers, but are available in both.

  • Credentials - Username and Password

  • Custom Tags

  • Graphical Shell

Interface Changes

These are changes to how the Playground interface looks and where to find the information and actions you are used to.

  • Server List

  • Server Details

  • Launch Web Terminal

  • Actions Menu

  • Start/Stop/Delete Server

Other Changes

These are other differences that are not quite the same as in the Cloud Servers. Some of these are in-progress features that will be updated later and others are a little different than what you may be used to.

  • Hostnames

  • Zone

  • Distribution choices