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Improved Features for Cloud Playground

These features have changed and been improved in the Playground compared to the Cloud Servers.

Credentials - Username and Password

The Playground servers now have a default username of `cloud_user` that matches the one typically used in Learning Activities and Challenges. The default password is now also randomly generated. You can view the credentials by looking at the details for the server in the Playground. Clicking on the clipboard next to the credential item will copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it in.

Custom Tags

In Cloud Servers, you could set a tag on a server, but you could only select from a predefined list. The new Playground allows you to enter a custom tag when creating the server. 

The tag will then display in the Playground server list, easily allowing you to see which of your servers is which.

Graphical Shell

In the Cloud Servers, some distributions have VNC installed on the server but do not have it running by default. You could start the service manually and then connect using any VNC program.

In the new Playground, this has changed slightly. Now, VNC is available on several distribution choices and will automatically start up with the server. You can access this by clicking the Graphical Shell button in the actions menu for the server. You cannot, however, connect with your own VNC client.

Note: In the Playground servers, Remote VNC access is blocked. You can only access the Graphical Shell (VNC) by using the Graphical Shell button from the Server Actions menu. Enabling VNC can break access to the graphical shell, and the server would have to be recreated. 

The Server Actions menu is available by clicking the three vertical dots to the left of the Cloud Server Name, Status, and Delete buttons. There is also a button for it in the Server Details as well.

The available actions for that distribution will be listed after you click the button. Click the Graphical Shell button to open a new tab that will automatically connect and login to the graphical shell via VNC. It uses the `cloud_user` account and the randomly generated password that is shown in the server details for connections. If you change the VNC password for the `cloud_user` account, this will stop working. You can fix this by changing it back to the default password.