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Interface Changes for Cloud Playground

The Playground also has some other interface changes that are more intuitive and clearer to understand. 

Server List

This is what is shown when you first open the Playground. Instead of the Cloud Server table, you will see this interface. The new Server Listing shows you all the servers you have created on your account and general information about your servers. From here you can start, stop, or delete your servers. Access the Server Actions menu, launch the web terminal, see which distributions and tags you have created, and more. See the Playground Server Overview article for more information.

Note that the servers are now listed by the initial creation date and NOT by the server number. You can have Server 4 be at the top of the list or Server 3 be in the middle. It depends on what number is available when the server is created.

Server Details

By clicking on a server in the Server List, you can view more details about the server. This includes the Credentials, IP Address, Public Hostnames, Auto Shutdown time, Logs, and buttons to perform server actions or open the web terminal. See the Server Details article for more information.

Launch Web Terminal

If the server supports the Web Terminal, you can click the launch button next to the server status to open the Web Terminal in a new tab. The launch button will not display if the distribution does not support the Web Terminal. There is also a button to launch the Web Terminal from the Server Details view next to the Actions button.


Server Actions

The Server Actions menu is available by clicking the three vertical dots to the left of the Cloud Server Name, Status, and Delete buttons. There is also a button for it in the Server Details as well.

The available actions for that distribution will be listed after you click the button. 

Available Actions:

  • Reset Password - Reset the password for the cloud_user to the randomly generated one that is displayed on the server details
  • Add /dev/xvdb - Add a 1GB secondary drive that will be listed as `/dev/xvdb` on your server.
  • Graphical Shell - This will open a new browser window for you to connect to your server with a graphical interface. See the Improved Features article for more details

Start/Stop/Delete Server

To Start, Stop, or Delete a Cloud server, you would go under the server actions menu and choose that option. With the new Playground, these have been changed to be buttons that are listed on the Server and can be accessed from Server List without needing to go into a sub-menu.

The trashcan icon can be clicked to delete a server. You will need to confirm this choice before the Server is deleted.

To Start a server, it must first be stopped. Click on the triangular Start button to start the server.

To stop a server, it must first be Ready. Click the square Stop button to stop the server.