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Hostnames, Zones, and Distribution Choices

These are other differences that are simply not quite the same as in the Cloud Servers. Some of these are in progress features that will be updated later and others are simply a little different than what you may be used to.


The Cloud Servers are assigned two hostnames, [username][server #] and [username][server #] Because the Playground and Cloud Servers will be available at the same time, the Playground server hostnames will instead have c and d added.

For example, on the account with username "Anthony", Cloud Server #1 would start up with the hostnames "" and "". In the new Playground, the same server would have the hostnames "" and "". 

Eventually, we will deprecate the Cloud Servers feature and have the new Playground be the default. When this occurs we will change the hostname settings to have the Playground servers use [username] for the main hostname instead.


In the Cloud Servers, you can pick the region to create your servers and we recommend picking the region closest to you. We plan to have this same feature for the Playground servers, however at launch, only United States zoned servers will be available. Regardless of where you are located, you can still create servers with the new Playground, just be aware that the geographical distance may cause connection issues. We will be adding additional zones around the world as we further develop this feature.

Distribution choices

Most of the Cloud Server distribution options are available in the new Playground. We have deprecated some of the oldest ones, however. All server distribution choices based on Ubuntu 12 have been removed and will not be added to the new Playground servers. All other Cloud Server distributions can be created in the new Playground. This does not affect any course as none of the current courses use any of these distributions.