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Server List Overview

This is what is shown when you first open the Playground. Instead of the Cloud Server table, you will see this interface. The new Server Listing shows you all the servers you have created on your account and general information about your servers.

Note that the servers are now listed by the initial creation date and NOT by the server number. You can have Server 4 be at the top of the list or Server 3 be in the middle. It depends what number is available when the server is created.

Information Listed

You can view the following information from the Server Overview:

  • How many Units you have available 
  • What zone your servers are in 
  • The Distribution name of each server 
    • The distribution chosen to create the server
  • The Tag set for each server 
    • The tag set when the server was created
  • The Expiration date for each server 
    • 14 days from last launch time. Start the server again to reset this to 14 days.
  • The server status 
    • If the server is Stopped, Stopping, Creating, Starting, or Running

Actions available

The following actions are also available from the Server List:

  • Create a New Server 
    • Click the New Server button to open the New Server menu and add a new server to your Playground. See the Create New Server article for details
  • Provide Feedback 
    • Click the Feedback? button to open a form in a new tab and provide feedback or report a bug on the Playground. Please be as detailed as possible!
  • Server Actions 
    • Perform actions such as resetting the cloud_user password or open the Graphical Shell. See the Interface Changes article for more information.
  • Start/Stop/Delete 
    • Click the Trash can icon to delete the server
    • Click the Start/Stop button to start or stop your server
  • Open Web Terminal 
    • If the server distribution supports it, click the launch web terminal button to open it in a new tab.