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Cloud Playground Server Overview


How do I connect?

We create every server with SSH access available on port 22 and preconfigure an account with the username, `cloud_user`. This user has been granted rights to use `sudo` for administrative control of the server.

The first time you log in, you will need to use the provided temporary password. Upon initial login, you will be prompted to reset your password.

You may use a variety of methods to communicate with your server.

  • Command line `ssh`
    • Some people may be most familiar with command line ssh. Simple ssh directly to your server:
  • Web Terminal
    • Most of our server types can launch a web terminal so that you have command line access directly through your web browser:
  • Graphical Shell
    • Some of our servers support an in-browser GUI. You can access the GUI from the Actions menu.


How do I get root access?

`root` access is obtained by using the command `sudo`. You can use `sudo` to execute arbitrary commands as the `root` user. For instance, `sudo systemctl status` would execute the `systemctl` command as `root`.

You can obtain a `root` shell with the command `sudo -i`. Note that this is the most common way to obtain a `root` shell.

By default, `root` login is disabled. It is highly discouraged to enable `root` login for anyone, so we keep it turned off by default.

You might already be familiar with an older command `su` which requires the `root` password in order to obtain the `root` shell. This is discouraged for a number of security reasons. If you must use `su`, however, you will need to set the `root` password. You may do so with `sudo passwd`.

 How do I find more documentation?

Our FAQ list has multiple useful articles for your use. Here are a few that may be helpful based on this page: