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Team Management - Managing Your Team(s)

Video Walkthrough

Creating a New Team

  1. Click on Team Management, from the left-hand navigation bar.  
  2. Click on the green Add Team button.  
  3. In the Add new team box, enter the name of the team and the number of licenses that you want to allocate to the team.  
  4. Using the dropdown list, choose the team lead from the list of students on the site. Then click Create a Team.  



Assigning a Team Lead (or a New Team Lead)

  1. Click on Team Management from the left-hand navigation bar, then scroll down until you see the team you would like to add a Team Administrator to.  
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the appropriate team.  
  3. Under the Team Leads section, click on Add Team Lead.  
  4. Type in the email address of the new team leader and then click Send Invite.  The new team leader will appear in the box below the Team Leads section. Please note, they must already be a member on the site to become a team lead. Team Leaders can see, run reports, and make assignments for the team(s).



Deleting an Existing Team

  1. From the Team Management menu, click on the Team Management option, and scroll down until you see a list of the teams that are on the site.  
  2. Click the (-) button beside the team that you want to delete.  An Are you sure screen will pop up since the action is permanent.  
  3. Click on Delete Team to continue.