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What is a Member?

A Member is anyone who uses your organization's Linux Academy Business platform. There are two types of Members:
  • Students: Have access to Linux Academy training content through your organization and take up a license.
  • Administrators: Manage student members and may or may not take up a license depending on the type of administrator.

When adding a member to your organization, it is important to think about what it is you want them to be able to do. Are they someone you want to be able to watch over the progress of others? To be able to run reports on all of your members or only specific ones?

For example, you have a senior staff member that needs to be able to track their team's growth but also are interested in furthering their own learning. For them, an Administrator + Student roll will work best. For someone that you simply want to take training based on a certain Learning Path, then the Student role is all they need.

If you have a manager that does not need to take any training

Student Members can:
  • Complete training assigned through Learning Paths
  • View their training progress reports
  • Access the Linux Academy Community
  • Access all training on Linux Academy
  • Take hands-on labs
  • Create flash cards 

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