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What is an Administrator?

As an Administrator, you have full access to the management features of your organization's Linux Academy Business account. Administrators control your organization’s training, team management, and billing options. There are two Administrator roles:
  • Administrator Only: Does not consume a license from the licenses pool, and these members cannot take any Linux Academy training that isn't apart of the free Community Edition.
  • Administrator + Student: Has all of the abilities of the Administrator Only role, and it takes up a license from the licenses pool, meaning the member can take and consume all Linux Academy training and labs.
Both Administrator types can:
  • Invite users to your organization
  • Create Groups
  • Delete Groups
  • Add users to Groups
  • Remove users from Groups
  • Create Learning Paths
  • Assign Learning Paths to everyone
  • Assign Learning Paths to Groups
  • Generate reports for your entire organization
  • Generate reports for specific Groups
  • Promote users to the Administrator role
  • Promote users to the Group Administrator role
  • View billing information and manage licenses

Assigning Student vs. Only Roles

Say you have a senior staff member that needs to be able to review all members of your company; other administrators and students alike. They would also like to take part in our training. For them to do both, you would provide them with the Administrator + Student role. Another senior staff member that you want to have full access to the platform is not looking to take any training. For them, using the Administrator Only role is best, as it will allow them to have all the powers of an administrator, but they are not using up a license that could be used by one of your other staff members.

For more details over other rolls, review the following FAQs: