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What is a Group Administrator?

As a Group Administrator, you have partial access to your organization's Business account's management features. You can manage your organization’s groups, who belongs to them, and the training content that members of your groups are assigned. Group Administrators, like Administrators, have two versions:

  • Group Administrators Only: Does not use a license and can not take training
  • Group Administrator + Student: Uses a license and can take training

The use of the license and access to training is the only difference between the two types of Group Administrators. All Group Administrators, whether or not they use a license, can do the following:

  • Create groups
  • Add members to groups
  • Remove members from groups
  • Create Learning Paths
  • Assign Learning Paths to groups 
  • Generate reports for specific groups
  • Promote members to the Group Administrator role
  • Share their "group join link", which is a link that allows members to request to join the group
  • View direct reports and training progress

Group Administrators cannot:

  • Approve a request to join the organization
  • Invite members to the organization
  • Delete members from an organization

There are several different reasons you might have a Group Administrator. Many of our customers spread out their licenses across their organization, creating groups of staff that are taking training, and under different supervisors. It's important to empower the supervisors to be able to view training, assign training, and look at progress. However, a lot of those administrators probably won't need access to take the training itself. You can take advantage of the Group Administrator Only role and give managers access to the Linux Academy Business platform, allowing them to assign and view the training analytics of the staff within the group they administrate. This is a free, no license account provided as part of your Linux Academy for Business account.

If you would like a Group Administrator to be able to take Linux Academy training, you would set the role to "Group Administrator + Student". This will consume a license. Also, note that a Group Administrator can only administrate a group that they create or are assigned an administrator of.  

For more information on groups, review the following FAQs: