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What are Groups?

Groups are sub-sets of your organization's Student members that are used to help manage training. Administrators and Group Administrators, both those with and without the Student role, can create groups and invite your organization's Student members. With a group, you can:

  • Assign Learning Paths to groups of students
  • Monitor the training progress for each group or group member
  • Assign due dates to a group

For example, if you want all of your organization’s managers to undergo basic Linux training, you can create a group called 'Leadership', add all of your managers to that group, and then assign the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Certifications Track Learning Path to the 'Leadership' group. 

Groups are also a great way to manage different teams and training for members of an organization. For example, your salesperson Josephine is a part of the North America sales department, and is also a part of South America sales. The South America Sales group (SAS) and the North America Sales group (NAS) have different training assigned to their groups. The Group Administrator for NAS tells the SAS Group Administrator that Josephine needs to complete the SAS training. The SAS Group Administrator then invites Josephine to the SAS group, allowing her to access the Learning Paths created for the SAS members, making her a member of both groups, and giving her access to both sets of training. No one else is affected by her addition to the SAS group.

For more information over groups, review the following FAQs: