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Why do I see a $0.01 - $1 charge after adding my payment method?

The charge you are seeing is a verification charge made by our system whenever a new payment method is added.

Our payment processor will test the validity of the card by submitting a test transaction for an amount between $0.01 and $1. Once we receive a response that the payment method on file is valid, the system will then void the charge so that it does not fully process to the payment method on file.

If you are entering a trial period, as soon as this has ended, the payment method on file is then charged for the subscription amount. 

This charge:

  • Appears on all new cards.
  • Appears when updating a card. 
  • Is immediately voided after the transaction verification.
  • Does not remove any money from the account.
  • May show as pending on your account for 1-3 days while processing. 

If the charge does not disappear within 3 days, contact Linux Academy at with any questions.