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Configuring the AWS CLI

After installing the AWS CLI, it needs to be configured before first time use. This requires an AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Access Key. You can create these using IAM in AWS if you are using your own account. If you are using our Cloud Playground AWS Sandbox, you are provided with these keys in the Playground window after starting the AWS Sandbox:

You can click on the icon to the right of each key to automatically copy it to your clipboard. Keep these keys handy and follow these steps to configure the AWS CLI.

  1. Run the command `aws configure`.
  2. Enter the Access Key Id.
  3. Enter the Secret Access Key.
  4. Enter the default region you want your commands to execute in. For the AWS Sandbox in the Cloud Playground, this should be `us-east-1` as we do not allow other regions at this time.
  5. (optional) Enter a default output format. Generally, you will leave this blank.

That's it! After this, you can use the AWS CLI to execute commands on the configured account. To verify, run `aws sts get-caller-identity`. You should receive a response with your user id, AWS account, and the ARN of your user.

Check out our AWS content for some ideas on what to do with the CLI. We also have several Hands-On Labs which use the AWS CLI if you want some specific guidance!

Refer to the AWS Documentation for more information on Using the AWS CLI and Configuring the AWS CLI for additional configuration options if you want to look at more advanced options.

If you run into any issues with your AWS Sandbox, feel free to reach out to our Support team at