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Windows Server FAQ - Linux Academy Business Plan Only

My Windows Server is taking a long time to create.

Windows servers can take 5-10 minutes on initial creation. Unfortunately, this is due to the required setup steps, and every new Windows server will take several minutes to create. After creation, they will start much faster, generally within 2-3 minutes.

How do I connect to a Windows Server?

  • Web Browser (Graphical Shell)
  • Remote Desktop (RDP)
    • The Windows Server in the playground supports Remote Desktop Connections. You can use the Remote Desktop application from a Windows System or any application that supports the RDP protocol (such as Remmina or Gnome Remote Desktop Viewer for Linux based systems). Put in the IP address of the server and authenticate with the credentials provided in the playground.
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
    • You can connect via SSH to a remote Powershell session. Does NOT have a browser terminal at this time, but you can connect by launching an instant terminal and issuing the appropriate SSH commands. If you are on a Windows system, see our guide on how to use Putty for SSH.

My Computer Name does not match the Hostname shown in the Playground.

Windows Servers require a reboot before a new Computer Name can be assigned. Due to this limitation, a generic Computer Name is given to each Windows Server. The public IP address assigned to the server will still map the Hostname shown in the Playground.

After creation, you can connect to your Windows Server, change the Computer Name to the Hostname, reboot, and then your computer will match the hostname assigned in the Playground. This is an optional step that you can complete but is not required to use your Windows Server normally.

How do I mount an extra drive to my Windows Server?

Using the Add Disk1/ Disk2 actions in the Playground, you can add secondary, 2GB disks to your server. With Linux servers, this is immediately available under the /dev directory, however, with Windows, it is added as an uninitialized disk. You will need to initialize the disk, then format it before using it. See this article for details.

I took a break, and my connection was disconnected when I came back.

There is an idle timeout of 15 minutes for RDP connections. If you are not active on the server for 15 minutes, you will be automatically disconnected. A dialog box will appear when you have two minutes remaining to warn you of the disconnection.

There is also an Auto Shutdown built into the Cloud Playground for all servers. If you are idle on the Linux Academy website for 4 hours, the playground server will automatically stop. You can see the Auto Shutdown time by looking at the server details for any of your servers.