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How do I add/remove an extra storage disk to a Cloud Playground Windows Server? - Linux Academy Business Plan Only

While using the Cloud Playground Windows Server, you have the option to add an extra storage disk. If you later find you no longer need this extra storage, you can remove it as well.

Adding the disk

  1. Click on the Actions menu for the server.
  2. Click Add Disk1/Disk2.
  3. The disk will now be automatically added to your server.

Formatting and Mounting the Disk

  1. Connect to your Windows Server with RDP or the Graphical Shell
  2. Click the Start button and search for 'Create and format hard disk partitions' to open the Disk Management program.
  3. You should be prompted to initialize the disk, click Okay to initialize it (use the default options).
    • If not prompted, right-click on the disk shown as 'Not Initialized' and click Initialize Disk.
  4. Right-click in the unallocated space for the new disk and click New Simple Volume to format the disk:
  5. Use the default options all the way through the options to format and assign a drive letter to the disk.
  6. Your disk is now formatted and mounted to your server. You can access it from the file explorer under 'This Computer'.

Removing the disk

Note: Removing a mounted disk will delete all contents stored on the disk. This information is notbacked up and is not recoverable once it has been removed. Be certain you've backed up any files or information you wish to keep off of the disk before you remove it.

  1. Click on the Actions menu for a server where you have previously added a disk.
  2. Click Remove Disk1/Disk2.