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How to Add a Member to a Group

There are two types of member roles that can be added to a group; Student members, and Group Administrators. Members that do not have the Student role and are made into Group Administrators can only manage the group they are added to and are unable to take training. Anyone added as a student member must have a license, including Administrators. 

Using Groups

Let's say that you created a learning path that you want all new members of your sales force to take. Instead of attaching the learning path to their accounts one by one, you create the 'Sales' group, which you can add members to and remove them from with ease. As soon as you've added everyone you want to the 'Sales' group, you assign the learning path you created to the entire group. 

You also decide to make your organization's lead sales representative the Group Administrator for the 'Sales' group. They do not need to take the training and are not currently interested in taking additional training due to projects, so there is no reason to give them a license. You set them as a Group Administrator Only, you add them to the group without having to use a license and allow them to view reports for the group and help keep track of training.

Add a Member to a Group

  1. From the Linux Academy for Business main Dashboard, select Groups from the sidebar.
  2. On the Manage Groups dashboard, select the group you want to add members to.
  3. On your group's page, you can add a member in one of two ways:
    • Add them via the Group Join Link (this only works for adding a normal group member, not a Group Administrator):
      1. Select the Group Join Link. It will automatically copy to your clipboard.
      2. Send the link to the desired member of your organization.
      3. Once the member follows the link, they are added to your group.
    • Add them manually:
      1. On your group's page, select either the Add Group Admin button or Add Members to Group button depending on what abilities you want the user to have.
      2. In the search bar, search for the name of the member you want to add.
      3. Select Finish.

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