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How to Deactivate a Member

You may find that you need to deactivate a member. Linux Academy considers it a deactivation, as there is another step to remove a user from the organization. After they are deactivated, the member will no longer consume a license and will not have access to training. The user's data will still be available for reporting purposes. 

Any members that are removed can be re-invited back to the organization, though they will not be able to join again until 90 days after their initial deactivation. For instance, a user may need to be removed and brought back later, such as contractors. If there are possible plans to reactivate an account, it's important to take the 90-day wait-time into account. 

To deactivate a member, complete the following:

  1. From the main Dashboard, select the Administrator tab, and then select the Manage All Members.
  2. On the Member All Members page, search for the member you want to remove.
  3. Select the red Deactivate button on the right-hand side of the user.
  4. On the Deactivate this Member? window, select Deactivate Member.

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