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How to Add a Group Administrator

To add a Group Administrator, the member must already be a part of your organization. Once they are added to your organization, do the following to add them to a group as the Group Administrator:

  1. Send an invitation to the user and have them join the organization. (See How to Invite Members)
  2. Once added, select the Group tab.
  3. On the Groups page, select the group you want to add as a Group Administrator.
  4. On the group's page, select the Add Group Administrator button.
  5. Select either the Group Administrator Only or the Group Administrator + Student role, then click Next
    • A Group Administrator Only will not have access to content and will not take up a license. A Group Administrator + Student will have access to content and will take up a license. 
  6. Search for the member you want to make into a Group Administrator.
  7. Once you find the member, click the Add button (a plus-sign) on the right side of the name. You can add multiple Group Administrators at once.
  8. After selecting your Group Administrators, click Finish.

For more information, review the following FAQs: