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Manage Your Invitations

The Manage Invitations page is a great way for you to have visibility into the invites that have been sent and to Manage these Invitations to meet the needs of your organization.

To Manage your Invitations: 

  1. Log in to your administrator account and select the Manage Team button on the home page.
  2. Under the Administration dropdown, click Manage Invitations.
  3. You can send new invitations using either the Organization Join link or a Linux Academy Invitation (See How to Invite Members)
  4. The Requests to Join Section will show any users who have used the organization join link to send a request that needs to be approved or denied by an administrator.
  5. The Pending Invitations section will show any users who have been sent an invitation and need to accept the invite to officially be on the organization. 
    • You can revoke any of these invitations by clicking on the red button to the left of a user or by checking their name and clicking on "Remove Invitations."
  6. The Accepted Invitations will show all users who have recently joined the organization account. 


For more information, review the following FAQs: