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How can I Copy and Paste in the Cloud Playground?

Shortcut Keys

  When Connecting From...
  Windows or Linux Mac
Copy Control + Insert Command + C
Paste Shift + Insert Command + V

Copy and Paste works similarly to other systems. The only major difference is a change in the default shortcut keys if you're connecting from a Windows or Linux based system. Instead of Control combined with C or V, you will need to use Control or Shift combined with the Insert key to copy or paste.

Additional Information

Aside from the change in shortcut keys, there is some extra information to keep in mind as you use the Cloud Playground servers.

  • When using the Graphical Shell with Windows, you cannot paste into the password field (copy/paste works normally otherwise).
  • When using the Graphical Shell with Linux Servers, you cannot copy/paste from your host machine to the Linux Server and vice versa. This means anything you copy locally cannot be pasted on the Linux Server and anything you copy on the Linux Server cannot be copied to your local server.
  • Depending on how you're connecting, additional shortcut keys may also work for copy and paste. 

Note: Outside of the Windows Graphical Shell, there will be no visual feedback when entering in a password for our lab or playground servers. 

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