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Open the Firewall Rules on a Cloud Playground Server

What is a Cloud Playground Server?

The Cloud Playground Server feature allows you to launch up to 9 virtual machines, all of which can vary in size. These servers are used throughout the Linux Academy courses to help you learn hands-on. Using these servers shortens a course's start time, lowers the risk of misconfiguration or missing packages on your local machine to zero, and allows you to begin training quickly. 

What Can I do with Cloud Playground servers?

Cloud Playground servers come with IPV4 and IPV6 support. You can attach multiple volumes to play with LVM/Raid; each server has a public hostname, public IP address, and internal IP address. You can easily spin up different Linux distributions as well as Windows versions in the Cloud playground at Linux Academy. This is your personal Cloud-based lab all included in the price of your membership.

What ports are open on Cloud Playground servers?

Note: All ports between your servers launched in Linux Academy Cloud Playground are open by default. However, you must use the internal IP address when connecting to those servers. We only allow specific external ports to be open.

What ports are open on the servers?

The servers, by default, do not have pre-installed firewall software. This allows you to have the greatest flexibility when controlling your personal lab on Cloud Playground. However, on the public network layer, we only let specific ports to be open. Think of it this way; your servers are like houses in a gated community. The gated community has a guard gate that only lets in certain cars. This is how our network works. If you are using the public IP address, only certain ports are open to external traffic. However, all ports are open to internal traffic to your servers if you are using the internal IP addresses.

All ports are open and available when using the private network between Playground servers; however, most public ports are currently blocked for security reasons. The following are the current ports that are whitelisted and available to use across the public internet on the Linux Academy Cloud Playground. 

NOTE: These ports are allowed for INCOMING traffic only. The rules are stateful, so once a connection is established, the connection is allowed to return on the same port. Outbound traffic originating from the Cloud Servers are ONLY allowed on ports 22, 80 and 443 to the public internet. All other outbound traffic is restricted to within the security group of the playground servers.

  • 22
  • 80
  • 443
  • 873
  • 1433
  • 2222
  • 3000
  • 3306
  • 3389
  • 4505
  • 5222
  • 5432
  • 5269
  • 5601
  • 6080
  • 6443
  • 7077
  • 8000-8100
  • 8140
  • 8142
  • 8443
  • 9090-9094 
  • 9990
  • 9100
  • 9261
  • 30000
  • 30080-30089
  • 31297
  • 54663
  • 61297
  • 61613
  • 65535

All ports not listed are blocked and will not work across the public internet. White-listed ports only allow TCP traffic.

If there is a specific port you would like, please submit a ticket to so we can record your suggestion.

If you have any questions, take a look at these FAQ pages: