How do I Copy and Paste in Hands-On Labs?

Depending on how you are connecting, Copy and Paste may work exactly as you expect or there may be some differences in usage. Below are the most common cases and how to copy and paste with each.

Note: Outside of the Windows Graphical Shell, there will be no visual feedback when entering in a password for our lab or playground servers. 

Instant Terminal or Terminal Application

Copy and Paste in the Hands-On Labs works the same as Copy and Paste with Cloud Playground servers if you're using the Instant Terminal or connecting from a terminal application installed on your local system. Simply use Control + Insert to copy and Shift + Insert to paste.

You cannot copy/paste from your host machine to the Hands-On Lab Server and vice versa using this method. This means anything you copy locally cannot be pasted in the browser terminal and anything you copy on the browser terminal cannot be copied to your local computer.

When you click on the IP address in the Credentials section of a hands-on lab, a new window opens connecting you to a URL. This automatically connects and logs you into the server as `cloud_user`. Keyboard shortcuts do NOT work for copy and paste when connecting with this method. You can, however, still copy and paste using mouse clicks.


Click and drag. Highlighted Text is automatically copied to your clipboard.


Right Click anywhere in the window. Clipboard contents past automatically.



When connecting with VNC or RDP, you are connecting to the Desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface). Copy and Paste should work with standard keyboard shortcuts for your system when connecting using this method. Depending on your VNC or RDP client, this may also need to be configured in the application settings. Consult the help documentation for the application you're using if the standard methods do not work.

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