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About Cloud Sandboxes

"If we would have had Linux Academy your sandbox environment would have prevented the $12k bill I got last month because one of my employees tried something and left it running"

- A New Linux Academy Customer

What are Cloud Sandboxes?

Choose from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) (Azure coming soon) and launch a Cloud Sandbox to gain access to a temporary cloud account where you can train and test with a variety of tools and services. Spend up to four hours in a single session building and learning in the provider of your choice. Each sandbox is built with minimal configuration and resources to provide a clean start every time. After you're finished, the resources and configurations are cleared to ensure you never have to worry about cleaning up previous sessions.

What are Cloud Sandboxes used for?

Like all our labs and Playground tools, the Cloud Sandboxes are meant to supplement your learning and provide another way for you to train and gain real, hands-on experience. The Cloud Sandboxes are included in the Linux Academy Subscription so you can utilize the services and tools without worrying about extra costs or breaking existing infrastructure in your own cloud account.

The Cloud Sandboxes are an open environment for you to create and work through your own training scenarios. You determine what services, tools, and resources you'd like more practice with! You can use these to follow along with course videos or branch out and expand on what you've learned. Try out new services and see what scenarios you can create and complete.

Provide a safe place for your team to train without worrying about cost or compliance

One of the main issues many Businesses have is providing their staff with access to an AWS, Google, or Azure environment. They do not have the resources to manage access to their own accounts for their staff, and they would rather not provide thousands of cost reimbursements per month for each staff member to have their own. Businesses also have to worry about compliance, and what gets uploaded by their staff members. With Linux Academy for Business, your business will never have to worry about these things, as they are already taken care of for you as part of Linux Academy Cloud Playground, no matter how many staff members you have. 

Provides a built-in environment for your staff to safely test new cloud features

The cloud updates all the time, and while you may not need an entire training course on every new feature, being able to experiment with new updates is always useful. With Linux Academy's Cloud Playground, your staff can safely play in a real environment and allows you to encourage your staff to learn the newest features on AWS, Google, and Azure.

Use instant terminals to connect to instances within the cloud environments

Starting instances in the cloud environment outside of the control of Linux Academy labs requires your staff to open RDP or SSH ports, making it hard for your staff to connect to new instances in the environment. With Linux Academy instant terminals, this is no longer a problem. You can connect through our instant terminal over a secure web port (https) to the EC2 instances that you are deploying making it so you don't have to worry about security or downloads on your corporate network.

Where do I access Cloud Sandboxes?

Cloud Sandboxes are included in the Playground and can be found under the Cloud Sandboxes tab.


Additional Information

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