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About Instant Terminal

What is the Instant Terminal?

The instant terminal is a Linux based command line interface that you can access from any web browser. A new session launches as soon as you load the page (instantly!) and automatically connects you to the terminal. No extensions, add-ons, or extra packages required!

When would I need Instant Terminal?

When using a Linux Academy hands-on lab, we provide a web-based terminal for you to use. This removes the risk from having to open port 22 on corporate networks or needing permission to download a terminal on a corporate network. However, if you are launching instances in a Cloud environment as part of the hands-on lab, we do not control what software is available there, which can be a compliance issue when working on a corporate network. Working on a corporate network, you would not be able to SSH to the instance without different configurations. With the Instant Terminal, an in-browser web-based terminal that requires no downloads, you connect to any instance you deploy in the cloud environment labs without having to worry about compliance. 

What can I do with the Instant Terminal

While the Instant Terminal does not have many services or resources itself, it does include SSH and usage instructions that are displayed when you connect. You can use the Instant Terminal to access servers from your web browser without needing to adjust firewall rules or install extra programs. Instructions for using Instant Terminal are displayed automatically on launch and we have additional instructions for how to connect to Amazon EC2 Instances using Instant Terminal.

In short, the Instant Terminal is an always available SSH client that needs no configuration, installation, or management!

How do I access the Instant Terminal?

The instant terminal can be found from the Cloud Playground menu under the Instant Terminal tab:

It is also available in our hands-on labs by clicking the Instant Terminal link above the video player:

For more information about similar topics, review the following FAQ pages:

If you have any questions, or run into any issues using our Instant Terminal, feel free to reach out to our Support team at!