How Can I Copy and Paste into Putty on Windows?

If you are using Putty on Windows to connect to a server hosted by Linux Academy, you can paste into the shell by simply using the Right-Click button on your mouse.

You might see a message that states "Keyboard Interactive Authentication prompts from server" when you first attempt to log into the server.

If you see this message, it means that a security setting inside Putty is stopping you from being able to copy and paste. You'll need to turn off this setting inside of Putty before connecting to the lab. Here are the steps to turn off this setting which will allow you to copy and paste:

  1. Launch PuTTY on the computer
  2. Click the plus sign to the left of "SSH" under the "Connection" header at the left side of the PuTTY window
  3. Click "Auth" under "SSH"
  4. Deselect the "Attempt keyboard Interactive auth (SSH-2)
  5. Click "Session" at the left side of the PuTTY window
  6. Save the session and authentication settings by typing a name for the session in the "Saved Sessions" box and clicking "Save." You can use these settings again by clicking the name of the session and clicking "Load"
  7. Enter the IP address of the lab server into the "Host Name" box
  8. Connect to the SSH server by clicking "Open"


When you connect to the server, you should now be able to copy and paste by using RIGHT-CLICK anywhere in the shell.

If you have any other issues or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our Support team at for further assistance.