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What is the Linux Academy for Business platform?

The Linux Academy for Business platform is specifically catered to businesses who want to provide their workers with a safe environment to learn about the ever-changing world of technology. Empower your team or entire enterprise to learn-by-doing and stay ahead of the cloud technology curve. There’s simply no better way to train than Linux Academy for Business. And it’s based on the same quality training content that earns 95% satisfaction ratings from over 50,000 people each month!

Make Your Digital Evolution Intentional with our New Business Platform

Use our Business Dashboard to manage and motivate your groups and learners to evolve, educate themselves, and drive your digital transformation and continuous evolution forward.

Linux Academy for Business - Dashboard

Design a Curriculum for Strategic Goals

Quickly and easily define strategic curriculum plans by building a custom Learning Path. You can pick and choose from our entire content library to build Learning Paths tailored to meet your team's needs. 

Know Who’s Excelling and Who’s Falling Behind

Measure individual and group performance with our best-in-class Business Training Analytics and Reporting.

Deliver Painless, Secure Real-World Practice

Enable learners to code along in Cloud Playground, our secure, live sandbox environments that let learners safely practice, make mistakes and learn faster.

Learn by Doing to Accelerate Progress

Practice exams, flash cards, interactive diagrams, and hands-on labs empower people to learn-by-doing and retain more material.

Built on the #1 Course Catalog

There’s a reason we have 95% satisfaction from over 50,000 monthly ratings. Learn the latest technologies from the best trainers, with the #1 Course Catalog.

Use Licenses to Learn, not Manage

Scale freely and keep your Linux Academy for Business licenses productive with unlimited free Administrators and Group Administrators. Yes, you pay only for learners.

Get the competitive advantage of Linux Academy for Business. Train smarter. Move faster. Stay ahead.

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For more specific information on aspects of the Linux Academy for Business platform, take a look at these FAQ pages: