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If I'm on a discounted, individual subscription, do I keep the rate when I renew?

You do! 

With a personal account, your subscription rate is locked in when you sign up for a plan, and as long as you stay active, you are only charged that price for each renewal.

By default, our subscriptions are set to renew automatically at the end of the billing period, so you do not have to manually opt into the plan again to retain your rate. As long as you have automatic renewals enabled, at the end of each billing period, your subscription will renew for the same discounted rate. 

Whether you're with us for one year, or five, you do not have to worry about a rate increase! 

When your subscription is deactivated however, you do lose access to any discount that was applied to your account and would need to select a new plan from the currently available options to reactivate. 

If you have any additional questions regarding your subscription, feel free to reach out to our Support team at for further assistance. Or, take a look at the following FAQ articles: