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Why do I get an 'Authentication token manipulation' error when changing my password in Cloud Playground?

There are two reasons as to why you may receive the 'Authentication token manipulation error' when changing your password:

  1. When trying to access the root account using the `sudo -i` command, you are prompted for the `root` password to log into the `root` account. The first time you do this, you must change the password. To authenticate the change, you are asked to re-enter the current password provided by the lab. After that, you can enter your new password (it will ask for this twice, once to create it and once to confirm) and the `root` password will be set to the new value. 
  2. When connecting to a server for the first time as the `cloud_user`, you will be prompted to change the password for the duration of the lab. You will have to do the same thing as explained in the first scenario to do so.

For both of these scenarios, the issue is caused by inserting your desired, new password instead of the current, or old password, designated by the lab credentials provided. 

If this does not fix the issue, please review the related FAQ pages provided. If this does not help, then contact us or submit a ticket.

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