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How-To: Connect to the AWS Console in a Hands-on Lab

With all of our AWS-related hands-on labs, you will be given credentials for a real AWS account with access to the AWS Management Console. This account will come pre-configured for the lab environment and can be used for the duration of the lab.  

If you already have a personal or corporate AWS account however, your browser might attempt to fill in the Alias ID, username, or password automatically, which can cause login issues. Opening the AWS Console in an incognito browser will help avoid this, and the instructions below will help guide you through this process.

1. RIGHT-CLICK on the Open AWS Console button

2. If you are using Chrome, click on Open Link in Incognito Window (you can find instructions for other major browsers here)


3. A new window will appear that will only have the Alias ID filled in

4. Enter the username and password found on the lab


5. Click Sign In

If you encounter any issues with one of our hands-on labs, feel free to reach out to our Support team at support@linuxacademy.com!